The resources below are all things that I use myself and highly recommend!
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This video offers compelling arguments for the health benefits of grounding. Human beings are meant to touch the earth!


Learn more about grounding: Earthing Institute



Taking short movement and stretch breaks throughout the day is a wonderful way to care for my body, relieve stress, and stay connected. It’s one of the most important self-care practices I have. Jen Hoffman of teaches how to integrate movement variety into your everyday activities, so even if you don’t “exercise,” you’ll know that you’re helping to keep your body fit. I highly, highly recommend her classes and coaching program.

She regularly offers free live classes on

Another great place to start is her Stress Relief Bundle. You can check it out here.



Yoga nidra is a guided meditation practice that brings deep, restorative relaxation and healing to all levels of your being. A quick search online will bring up a wealth of free yoga nidra recordings and you just have to find one you like. I have recently been working with Karen Brody’s book Daring to Rest. In it, she guides you through a powerful program to rest, release, and rise, helping you to recover your well-rested self.