Momma Needs a Nap

Momma Needs a Nap

A Sleep Solution for Tired Moms

You can’t remember the last time you had a good night’s sleep. The days are nonstop, and you’re tired before you even get started. You have a million things to keep track of at each given moment, but keeping your thoughts focused and organized is a monumental task. 


By the middle of the afternoon, you’re exhausted and just want to lie down, but there’s still another pile of laundry, dinner to cook, and a toddler wanting your attention. And you know you wouldn’t be yelling at your kids nearly as much if you could just take a break.


You keep thinking, “I can’t afford to be tired — I have too much to do that is too important.” But even when it’s finally bedtime (or worse, when you’re awoken during the night) you lie awake for hours because your mind is busy replaying the day’s events or running through your perpetual to-do list.


You don’t want to rely on caffeine or sugar to make it through the day, and you don’t want to be taking pills at night to try to sleep better. You want to be the best version of yourself for your kids – fun, patient, creative, caring, and present. You want to actually enjoy the family, home, and life that you’ve created – but that becomes really challenging when you’re this tired ALL THE TIME.


It doesn’t have to be like this

Imagine having all the energy you need to get through the day. You’re able to fall asleep easily, sleep deeply, and wake feeling rested. When you get up in the morning, your mind is clear and ready to take on the day’s tasks. You rise above the moments when your kids/partner/coworkers are really pushing your buttons because your emotions are on an even keel. Your sense of humor has returned, and life is actually fun again.


You’ve escaped what seemed like a never-ending cycle of tired days and sleepless nights. With better sleep, you feel stronger, healthier, more alive. Because you’re taking good care of yourself, you have more to give. You feel like yourself again – an even better version of yourself, in fact. You’re back in control, and it started with reclaiming your sleep and your sanity.


Does this sound familiar?

  • You often feel like a zombie, sleepwalking through the day.
  • You spend most of your time in a tailspin, trying to deal the best you can with whoever is shouting the loudest, but only just barely staying on top of things.
  • You give everything you have to those you care for (and wouldn’t have it any other way), but it’s wearing you down and the opportunities to recharge your batteries are few and far between.
  • You’re tired of being tired, but don’t know how to break the cycle.



There is a way 

I help exhausted moms get the sleep they need so they can take back control of their lives. Your nights of interrupted sleep leave you dragging through each day feeling fatigued, foggy, and irritable. I offer a holistic solution that will help you sleep deeply, wake rested, and quickly reclaim your mental clarity and emotional balance so you can again be the mother, partner, and woman you want to be.



As a result of this program, you’ll

  • Have a fail-proof tool for getting deep, restful sleep whenever you need it.
  • Have enough energy for not only the day to day tasks, but to take some time for yourself, too.
  • Learn to recognize the triggers that signal when you need a break and have strategies in place to keep things from going critical.
  • Feel fully alive again in body, mind, and spirit.





Your Momma Needs a Nap sleep program includes:


“Sleep Like a Baby” Sleep Questionnaire

A short questionnaire to get us started in understanding your current sleep challenges so we can dive right in to creating a personalized sleep plan when we meet for your Well-Rested Momma session.


Well-Rested Momma Sleep Consultation

The first thing you’ll do in this one-on-one session is take a nap! (Yes, for real!) You’ll be guided through a deeply restorative sleep meditation that will immediately have you feeling rested, relaxed, and clear headed. We’ll then discuss your personalized sleep plan so that you can start sleeping better right away. You’ll learn how to set the stage for a great night’s sleep that will ensure you’ll wake feeling rested and happy to start each day. We’ll meet by phone or video chat for 90 minutes.


The Secret Weapon

A key component to your new sleep strategy, you’ll receive a recorded sleep meditation to use any time you need help falling asleep or want a quick “power nap.” This will be your secret weapon for reclaiming your energy and your equilibrium any time you begin to feel run down or overwhelmed.


Follow-Up Session

We’ll meet again in 7-10 days for a 30-minute follow-up call to see how your new sleep plan is working and make any adjustments. You’ll leave with the tools and insights you need to change your sleep for the better, for life.



Momma, it’s time for you to get some rest. I am here to help.


Investment: $99


Let’s Get Started

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Step 3. We’ll hold your session and set you on the path to reclaiming your sleep and your life.


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