Happy 2021 and a healing for you

Happy 2021!

I am writing to you from my new office – well, office space, to be exact. It’s just a small reclaimed corner of an otherwise slightly scary unfinished basement, but it’s MY small corner, with a desk for my laptop and a table to pack up candle orders.

It makes me so happy. Like, unreasonably overjoyed.

What I’ve discovered so far is how much easier it is to just sit down and get to work. I no longer need to first find a place to work and get set up, which takes extra energy and time. Often, that was just enough extra energy and time that it would put me off, and then it wouldn’t happen at all.

By creating this space for myself, a space that sits open, dedicated and waiting, I have opened up the flow to take action and get things done. I wanted to be able to commit more time to my work and my business, and now I’ve made that possible.


Is there something in your life that is waiting for space? How can you create that space for it (whether physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically)? Is there anything standing in the way?

What do you imagine would be possible then? How would that feel? I imagine, like for me, it will feel joyous and freeing, and open up even greater possibility.

That is my wish for you, for us all, in 2021. And if you are feeling stuck, give me a call, and we’ll get things moving in the right direction.


I recently recorded this guided energy healing for a client and it was so simple yet powerful that I wanted to share it with you, too. Click the link below to give it a listen. It’ll take less than 10 minutes.

Source Light Healing

Many blessings!

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