I want you to win!

It’s that time of year — about one month into the new year and the promise and hope of new beginnings is starting to fade. We started out with the best of intentions, right? To eat better, get more exercise, meditate every day, go to bed on time, practice more patience with those who try our patience…

It’s not just that you are missing out on feeling better and taking better care of yourself. There’s a sense of failure in not following through, and the demoralizing feeling that you didn’t do what you promised yourself you would.

Please know that achieving a goal is never about how much will power you have or how good you are. It is simply a matter of setting yourself up to succeed.

Three keys to success

One thing at a time.
Don’t set yourself up to fail by setting out to completely rehaul your life in one fell swoop.

Pick one small change, one goal at a time. By focusing on one thing, you’ll be able to give it all your energy and attention and quickly see results. This will fuel your excitement to see what else you can achieve and keep you motivated.

A specific and realistic plan.
Know exactly what it is you want to achieve, and if it’s a big goal, break it down into manageable pieces.

Figure out how this change will be achieved and realistically fit into your life as it currently is.

If your goal is to begin a daily meditation practice, ask yourself what time of day would be best, how much time you have available, where you will practice, what supplies you need so that you are set and ready to go when it’s time. Make it as easy as possible to actually do it!

Also be ready to adjust your plan as needed. It’s almost a given that you will need to make adjustments, so expect it and come at it with an inquisitive mind.

Support and accountability.
This is my favorite part, and makes the experience so much more fun!

You don’t have to go it alone. Identify the people in your life who will support and encourage you. Share your intentions with them, and make a plan to regularly check in and let them know how it’s going. If you are anything like me, knowing that I will be reporting in on my progress is tremendous motivation to take action.

This is why I have created Strong Body, Quiet Mind, Joyful Heart: An online self-care support group (read more about it here)!

Above all else

Whatever your goal is, the ultimate key to success is truly wanting it. This is how you will find the commitment within yourself to keep going through the tough moments.

Self-sabotage is sneaky and subtle, and will crop up every step of the way. If the desire is not in your heart, you will not stick to it — and neither should you! Why bother trying to go somewhere you don’t actually want to be?

If you find your motivation flagging, it may be a matter of re-evaluating your goal to realign it with what your heart is truly seeking at this time. It may not be what you first expect.

Through all the work I do with clients and students, my single-most desire is to help you see what you are capable of. You deserve a fabulous life, and it starts today.

Please drop me a line and let me know — what’s the next change you are seeking in your life?

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