What’s your reset button?

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What’s your reset button?

Just like a computer, your body needs a regular reset to function optimally. If it is left to run nonstop, it starts getting glitchy — aches and pains, fatigue, depressed moods, irritability.

There are a few fail-proof ways to reset your nervous system, rest your body, and quiet your mind, allowing them to clean out, refresh, heal, and recharge — good quality sleep, time in nature, and touching the Earth.

One thing I mention is this video is grounding, or Earthing: if this is something you’re not familiar with, check out the very inspiring and informative 15-min documentary “Down to Earth” from the Earthing Institute about the current research into the health benefits of Earthing — you may never look at your shoes the same again!

What’s your favorite way to reset? Share in the comments below. I’d love to hear!


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