Is self-care stressing you out?

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Is self-care stressing you out?

Recently I started to notice that my self-care practices had become something that I felt pressured to fit into already over-scheduled days. It was kind of defeating the purpose of self-care if it was actually making me more stressed out, right?!

So I began to instead ask what I could do to be more kind and gentle with myself. Maybe that would be to make myself get up early so I had time to meditate because I know how much better that makes me feel; but maybe for that day what I most needed was more sleep and I could best take care of myself by sleeping a little longer.

Instead of holding myself up against a standard of what self-care should look like and evaluating whether I succeed or fail to meet the requirements, I want to be honoring what I most need at any given time. There will be moments when I know it’ll be best to push myself to get off the couch and go for a walk, but only because I know I’ll feel refreshed and energized, not because I am driving myself to achieve the gold standard of self-care and will push myself to exhaustion to get there.

Does this sound familiar to you? Are you a self-care over-achiever? If so, I leave you with these questions:

  • What’s one kindness you can do for yourself today?
  • How can you be more gentle and caring with yourself?

Let me know what you come up with, and if it shifts anything for you.


Rachel Hartenstein is a coach and healer who helps her clients break free of pain, frustration, and struggle. She supports them in releasing what is holding them back so that they can finally tap into the life they are meant to have — full of joy, purpose, and ease.

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