What’s your reset button?

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What’s your reset button?

Just like a computer, your body needs a regular reset to function optimally. If it is left to run nonstop, it starts getting glitchy — aches and pains, fatigue, depressed moods, irritability.

There are a few fail-proof ways to reset your nervous system, rest your body, and quiet your mind, allowing them to clean out, refresh, heal, and recharge — good quality sleep, time in nature, and touching the Earth.

One thing I mention is this video is grounding, or Earthing: if this is something you’re not familiar with, check out the very inspiring and informative 15-min documentary “Down to Earth” from the Earthing Institute about the current research into the health benefits of Earthing — you may never look at your shoes the same again!

What’s your favorite way to reset? Share in the comments below. I’d love to hear!

Rachel Hartenstein is a coach and healer who helps her clients break free of pain, frustration, and struggle. She supports them in releasing what is holding them back so that they can finally tap into the life they are meant to have — full of joy, purpose, and ease.

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